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The Use of Oxygen Pressure Relief Valve

by Adamant Valves

The use of oxygen pressure relief valve:
1. According to different requirements of use, oxygen pressure relief valve has a lot of specifications. The maximum inlet pressure is mostly 2.5 times the minimum inlet pressure.
2. When installing sanitary pressure relief valve, make sure the connection specification is consistent with the connector of cylinder and system. Pressure relief valve and cylinder use hemispherical connection. These two are dovetailed by tightening the nut. Therefore, when in use, two hemispherical surfaces should be kept smooth to ensure good airtight effect. Before installation, we can blow off the dust using high pressure gas. If necessary, we can use PTFE and other materials for gasket.
3. Oxygen pressure relief valve should be prohibited from contact with grease to prevent fire accidents from happening.
4. When stop working, we should discharge the remnant gas inside the pressure relief valve and then loosen the regulating stem to avoid deformation of the elastic component resulting from long term pressure.
5. Pressure relief valve should avoid collision and vibration. No contact with corrosive substances.

pressure relief valve

Some gases, such as nitrogen, air, argon and other permanent gases, can use oxygen pressure relief valve. Some other gases, such as ammonia and other corrosive gases, need to use a dedicated pressure relief valve. Commonly seen on the market are nitrogen, air, hydrogen, ammonia, acetylene, propane, water vapor and other dedicated pressure relief valve.

pressure relief valve

The use and precautions of these pressure relief valves are basically the same with those of oxygen pressure relief valve. However, it should be noted that dedicated pressure relief valve is generally not used for other gases. To avoid misuse, some dedicated pressure relief valves and cylinders use special connection ports. For example, hydrogen and propane both use left teeth thread, also known as reverse thread. This should be paid special attention to when installing.

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