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Finding the Right Sanitary Threaded Butterfly Valves

by Adamantvalves

Butterfly valves are mainly used to isolate and regulate the flow of medium in a piping system. The operation of these valves is similar to ball valves but they are lighter in weight and they need less support. Sanitary butterfly valves are among the most common valves in the US market today. That means that getting the right valve can be quite challenging. Although there are thousands of online publications online about valves, the reality is that most of them provide biased information. When it comes down to choosing the right valve, you need to be extremely careful. This is so because you don’t want to buy a valve that will break down a few days later. Getting information about the different types of valves is essentially important in finding the right valve. Here, we are going to talk about pneumatic sanitary threaded butterfly valves.

sanitary valves

A Pneumatic sanitary threaded butterfly valve is widely used in isolation and control of medium in piping systems. This valve has also been designed to operate automatically. Pneumatic sanitary threaded butterfly valves are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage, food and brewing industries. This is so because it is easy to clean and mainly used for sanitary purposes. The main difference between this valve and other butterfly valves is that this one has been designed for sanitary purposes. The valve not only allows a smooth flow of media but also comes with a low maintenance cost. A large number of industries are now using this valve because it comes with lots of benefits. The food, as well as brewing, pharmaceutical and beverage industries, are now considering sanitary valves among some of the most important industrial applications.

These valves are normally small in size and when actuated pneumatically, they can close and open very quickly. This makes it very easy to achieve a perfect shutoff. As compared to a ball valve, this valve has a lighter disc which means that it needs less structural support. Pneumatic Sanitary Threaded Butterfly Valves are also precise which makes them the best in industrial applications. They also have a low maintenance cost and easy to operate. This valve is simply the best choice for anyone who wants a reliable and efficient valve. The fact that this valve is constructed using stainless steel; it is the ideal valve for use in food, beverage and brewing industries. It`s much easier to clean as compared to other butterfly valves in the US market.

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