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Stainless Steel Sanitary Fittings Used in Liquor Industry

by Adamantvalves

The liquor has always been popular all over the world. Stainless steel sanitary fittings play an indispensable role in liquor production. For example, stainless steel retort and cooler are used as essential equipment for liquor production. At present, many liquor production enterprises are upgrading equipment, so stainless steel sanitary pipe will play its role in the whole process.

Whether it is for the fermentation of the pot, as well as sanitary stainless steel wine retort cover matching vent tube, or cooler tank inlet and so on, all of these can be used for the stainless steel heat pipe and condensing pipe.

In order to guarantee the advancedness and stability of stainless steel sanitary fittings in retort equipment, it is suggested to install "stabilizer" in the gas transmission system in retort pot. For example, taking the production process of solid fermentation enterprises with multiple rounds of feeding and multiple rounds of brewing for liquor as an example, the water content of fermented grains would gradually increase with the deepening of brewing rounds. In this way, brewing workers faced with increasingly heavy and wet fermented grains, a little mistake would cause distilled grains deviation, gas collapse and other phenomena in the process of distilling liquor. Thus, it affected the smooth distillation of fermented grains and reduced the liquor output rate of fermented grains themselves.


The concrete improvement method of stainless steel sanitary grade pipe fitting to the gas transmission system in retort pot is as follows. The maintainer makes a stainless steel disc about 0.5 meters in diameter carefully and full of holes (it is recommended to use stainless steel retort bottom as the raw material). Then the three metal brackets are erected and welded to the bottom of the steamer pot, and then the stainless steel disc is welded to the metal bracket smoothly. As long as the stainless steel disk and retort tube mouth were horizontal.

In fact, stainless steel sanitary fittings welded in the steamer pot gas pipeline and triangular metal bracket on the stainless steel disc just served as the "stabilizer" of the liquor steamer gas system, which can ensure that liquor steamer gas pipeline output of the steam uniform and stable, as well as convenient brewing on the steamer liquor.

The connection pipe of liquor cooler equipment shall be stainless steel pipe or stainless steel sanitary fittings. It is not allowed to use plastic tubes and other perishable materials to connect the wine pipes on the cooler equipment matching the liquor retort equipment, since the plastic pipe is easily corroded by the wine acid and the pungent smell of cement is easily brought into the original wine, which will affect the taste and quality of the original liquor.

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