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The Advantages of Solenoid Valve

by Adamant Valves

As an actuator of automated instrument, solenoid valves have seen sharp increase in use in recent years. Below are some of the advantages of using it:

1. Plugged external leakage, controllable internal leakage, safe use.
Internal and external leakage is a factor that threatens safety. The stem valve of other self-regulating valve is often extended. And the rotation or movement of the valve core is controlled by electric, pneumatic, hydraulic actuators. All this is intended to solve the external leakage problem of valve stem dynamic sealing. Only in solenoid valves does electromagnetic force have effect in the steel core sealed in the magnet-isolation sleeve, and there’s no dynamic sealing, so it’s easy to block external leakage. It’s not easy to control the torque of solenoid valve, so internal leakage is prone to happen and even the head of the valve stem can be pulled off. The structural form of solenoid valve is easy to control internal leakage until it’s reduced to zero. Therefore, the use of solenoid valve is particularly safe. It’s particularly suitable for medium that is corrosive, toxic and of high or low temperature.

solenoid valve

2. Quick action, tiny power and lightweight appearance.
The response time of solenoid valve can be as short as several milliseconds. Even for the pilot solenoid valve, the response time can be limited to tens of milliseconds. Due to self-loop, it’s more sensitive than other self-control valve. The coil power consumption of well-designed solenoid valve is very low. It is an energy-saving product. It also can be done that one only needs to trigger action, and the valve position is automatically kept. It’s usually not at all power-consuming. The size of solenoid valve is small, which both saves room and is lightweight and beautiful.

3. Simple system, easy access to computers, low price.
The structure of solenoid valve is simple, the price is low. Compared to other types of actuators such as sanitary regulating valve, it’s easy to install and maintain. What is more significant is the composition of the automatic control system is much simpler and much cheaper. As the solenoid valve is controlled by switch signal, it’s very convenient to connect it to computers. In today’s world where computer use is widespread and its price drops significantly, the advantages of the solenoid valve is even more obvious.

solenoid valve

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