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Sanitary Stainless Steel Regulators

What is the sanitary regulator?
Sanitary regulators are designed to meet the stringent demands of today’s state-of-the-art Life Science facilities. Polished, stainless steel body and trim components ensure efficient cleaning and sanitizing giving you confidence that your processing environment produces the highest purity.

Type: Control Valve % Regulator
Reference No.: AV-6
Sizes: 1″ – 2″
Materials: 304 – 316L
Operation: Manual, Pneumatic

Adamant Valves AV-6 series stainless steel sanitary regulator uses:
Adamant Valves AV-6 series regulating valve is widely used in the sanitary fluid pipeline system to regulate pressure and flow. It is available with a hard or soft set and a variety of diaphragm and o-ring materials, making the valve well-suited for virtually any sterile back pressure application. It is well applied to stainless steel pipe systems for food, beverage, dairy, brewing, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

Adamant Valves AV-6 series stainless steel sanitary regulator advantages:
AV-6 series sanitary regulating valve has many advantages such as removable connection, simple structure, and easy maintenance;
Adamant valves can provide valve body and disc materials such as AISI 304 or AISI 316L, 304L and 316 materials, automated or manual operation valve according to your requests.

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AV-6 Sanitary Divert Seat Valves with Butt-weld Ends, Manual Type

Materials Materials: AISI-316L/ AISI 304 Size: 1''-2'' Plug and seal: EPDM, or others upon request. Standard Design Valve body and valve stem with stopper are made of stainless steel AISI 304 or acid-resistant stainless steel AISI 316L. Valve body OD sand polished, valve stem is strengthened...

AV-6RG Sanitary Regulating Valve G16

Size 1/4”-3/4”, DN6-DN15 Body material Hastelloy C276/C22 Monel 400, 254SMO N08904 Titanium TA1/TA2 Connection Clamp, welding, thread, flange, etc. Working Temp. -20 to 150℃ Set pressure 10 bar