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Sanitary Constant Pressure Valves

What is the sanitary constant pressure valve?
The constant pressure valve performs excellent pressure control under any condition. Its unique closure mechanism realizes complete water shutoff performance, and the set outlet pressure is maintained even in the fully closed condition.

Sanitary constant pressure valve can ensure a stable pressure at both outlet and inlet. Adamant Valves AV-8 series constant pressure valve is widely used in separators, heat exchangers, tank systems and other equipment. It also can be used as a relief valve.

Type: Constant Pressure Valve
Reference No.: AV-8
Sizes: 1″ – 2″
Materials: 304 – 316L
Operation: Manual, Pneumatic

Adamant Valves AV-8 series stainless steel sanitary constant pressure valves use:
AV-8 series stainless steel sanitary constant pressure valves are widely used in the petroleum, metallurgy, plumbing, food, biopharmaceutical, and chemical industries;
AV-8 series stainless steel sanitary constant pressure valves are high-quality products. They can be used for dairy, pharmaceutical, beer, beverage, edible oil, and other industries to meet their professional requirements.

Adamant Valves AV-8 series stainless steel sanitary constant pressure valves advantages:
The constant pressure valve does not have any minute, fixed restriction passage like a needle valve, and is therefore clog-resistant. And, even if clogging by foreign material occurs, the built-in self-cleaning mechanism causes the clogged valve part to open automatically to remove the foreign material.
Due to its simple construction, troublesome adjustments are unnecessary. Being excellent in durability and practically maintenance-free, using this valve reduces maintenance costs.

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AV-8 Sanitary Constant Pressure Valves

Materials Materials: AISI-304 Size: 1''-2'' Seals: PTFE Technical Specification Nominal Pressure: Max. product pressure: 87psi (6bar) Temperature: Max. sterilization temperature: 130°C, dry steam: 121°C (2bar). Steam must be dry, because condensed water will damage the diaphragm. The diaphragm should be replaced after 100 times samplings...

AV-8M Mini-Type Constant Pressure Valve

Specifications: Size 3/4"-1.25",DN20-DN32 KV value 10-21m³/h Working temperature -10 to 150 °C Working pressure 8 bar Max working pressure 12 bar (option) Body material 316L/304 Sealing material EPDM+PTFE(FDA177.2600) Connection Clamp, thread, weld Finishing Inside Ra≤0.6 μm Standards ISO, DIN, SMS, RJT

AV-8P Sanitary Plate Heat Exchanger

Specifications: Plate Material: 304 or 316L Body Material: 304 Gasket Material: NBR, EPDM, etc Max Working Pressure: 3Mpa Working temperature: -10℃ - +150℃ Cooling: Single stage or two stages Size: 1m², 3m², 5m², 7m², 10m² Plate Material: 304 or 316L