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The application of valve balls

by Adamant Valves

The valve ball is used to control the flow of fluid in the fluid passage pipeline. Sanitary valve balls are very popular on the market because they have simple structures, are easy to install and repair, have good sealing performance, have no leakage and have small sizes. So what are valve balls’ applications?

Due to the fact that sealing ring of the valve seat of the valve ball is usually made of plastics, so one has to consider the fireproof performance of sanitary ball valves when choosing the structure and performance. When using ball valves in equipment and pipelines that contain flammable and explosive medium, one should pay even more attention to fire.

Valve balls are suitable for low-pressure shut-off, light structure and corrosive media pipeline systems. They can also be used in low-temperature devices and pipeline systems.

In the metallurgical industry's oxygen pipeline system, valve balls need to undergo strict degreasing treatment when in use. When the main pipelines of oil pipelines and gas pipelines need to be buried underground, full-diameter welded valve balls need to be used. When there needs to be a regulating performance, a special structure of the valve ball with V-shaped openings needs to be used.

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