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The Structural Features of Micro-resistance Check Valves

by Adamant Valves

Micro-resistance slow-closing check valve is also known as micro-resistance slow-closing non-return valve. Its role is to prevent the medium backflow in the pipeline. Sanitary check valve is a kind of valve that its opening and closing member automatically open or close through the movement of the medium in order to prevent the medium backflow. Check valves are among the category of automatic valves. They are mainly used on the pipeline that the medium flows in one direction, which only allows the medium to flow in one direction to prevent accidents. They’re suitable for clean media, not suitable for medium containing solid particles and viscous medium.

micro-resistance slow-closing check valve

The structural features of micro-resistance slow-closing check valves:
1. The structural length is short. Its length is only one-fourth to one-eighth of traditional flange check valves.
2. Small size, lightweight. Its weight is only one-fourth to one-twentieth of traditional check valves.
3. The valve flap closes quickly and the water hammer pressure is small.
4. Usable on both horizontal and vertical pipes, easy to install.
5. Smooth flow channel, small fluid resistance.
6. Sensitive, good sealing performance.
7. The stroke of the valve flap is short. The impact when closing the valve is small.
8. Integral structure, simple and compact, beautiful appearance.
9. Long service life, highly reliable.

micro-resistance slow-closing check valve

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