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The Usage of Oxygen Pressure Relief Valve

by Adamant Valves

1. When installing sanitary pressure relief valve, make sure that the connection specifications are consistent with those of the steel cylinder and the system. Pressure relief valve and steel cylinder use hemispherical connection. The two are completely connected by tightening the nut. Therefore, when in use, the surfaces of two hemispheres should be kept smooth and clean to ensure good airtight effect. Before installation, dust can be blown off with high pressure gas. If necessary, materials like PTFE can be used as gasket.
2. Oxygen pressure relief valve is strictly prohibited from contacting with grease, so as to avoid fire accidents.

pressure relief valve
3. When the valve is not in use, the remaining gas inside it should be completely discharged, and then loosen the regulating screw to avoid deformation of elastic components under constant pressure.
4. Pressure relief valve should avoid collision and vibration. It can’t be in contact with corrosive substances.

pressure relief valve

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