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3-in-1 check valves

by Adamant Valves

Multi-functional 3-in-1 sanitary check valve is comprised of valve seat, valve stem, spring, valve gate, guide sleeve and other components. 3-in-1 check valve has three functions: stemming, checking and throttling. 3-in-1 check valve is mainly used in the pump outlet or other pipelines that prevent the liquid backflow. It can effectively prevent the water hammer impact and noise from occurring when the liquid of ordinary check valve backflows and is an upgraded version of check valve products. 3-in-1 check valve is installed in the drainages of building, apartment, factory, heating and cooling water treatment, condensate of boiler and the pump outlet of secondary water supply pipe to prevent the medium backflow in the pipeline when the pump stops running.

sanitary check valve

Features of 3-in-1 check valve:
1. With a single sanitary valve, you can have three functions: water-hammer-free check valve, balance valve, gate valve.
2. When the pump stops running, the spring will close the valve flap first, thus prevent water hammer from occurring.
3. By adjusting the opening, the output of the pump can be adjusted.
4. With an indicator, you can use eyes to confirm the degree of opening of the valve.
5. The sealing gasket is made of nitrile rubber, so it will not leak and can sustain the impact.
6. The spring is made of stainless steel, which has a high corrosion resistance.
7. With an equipment material and cost that can save water, installation space is reduced.
8. Due to highly streamlined shape and structure, the pressure drop is very small.
9. Due to the bypassing role, it can recover water within the outlet side of the pipeline and replenish water when vacuum occurs at the inlet side.
10. I can be installed on both horizontal pipelines and vertical pipelines.

sanitary check valve

Installation and adjustment of 3-in-1 check valve:
1. When installing, pay attention to the water flow direction outside the valve. It should be installed according to the flow direction. Both vertical and horizontal installations are fine.
2. Adjusting the opening of the valve stem can change the amount of flow. The size of the opening can be shown on opening indicator.
3. Tightening the valve stem clockwise can cut off the medium, acting as a sanitary shut-off valve.

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