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AV-5DS Sanitary Double Seat Mix Proof Valves

AV-5DS Sanitary Double Seat Mix Proof Valves inquiry

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AV-5DS series sanitary double-seat mix-proof valve has been designed to allow safe separation of non compatible products (such as milk or milk products & cleaning solution) and to allow one housing of the valve and the corresponding valve seat as well as the vent cavity to be cleaned while milk or milk products are present in the opposite valve housing and line. The series includes 2 types: Seat lift type and Cavity spray type.

Materials: AISI-316L, AISI 304
Size: 1''-4''

Seal: PTFE
Options: Silicone, EPDM, Viton

Lip seal & Seal ring: EPDM
Options: Viton, Silicone

Other seals: EPDM, all seals complying with FDA21CFR177.2600

Standard Design

  • forged spherical body
  • Compact design
  • 360 degree orientation
  • Mix-proof design, the bodies can be with different diameters.
  • Over-pressure protection design preventing the pressure fluctuate to 30bar
  • Easy disassembly
  • Seat lift type and cavity spray type available

Normally Closed (NC) - Air to open and spring to close;
Normally Open (NO) - Air to close and spring to open;
Air to Air (AA) - Air to open air to close.

Technical Specification

  • Size available: DN25-1" to DN100-4"
  • Max. working pressure: 145psi (10bar)
  • Control air pressure: 70 ~ 102psi (5 ~ 7bar)
  • Working temperature range: EPDM: 14 ~ 248°F (-10 ~ 120°C)
  • Sterilization temperature: 302°F (150°C, Max. 20 min)
  • Pneumatic connection: G1/8" (BSP)
  • End connections: butt-welded, sanitary clamp, threaded, flange, DIN, SMS, RJT, IDF or others upon request.
  • Finish: <32Ra (<0.8µm); Other finishes available upon request.

Technical Parameters

Steel material

Product wetted steel parts

AISI 316L, AISI 304

Provided with material inspection report

Other steel parts

AISI 304

Seal material



All seal materials comply with FDA 21CFR117.2600


FPM, Silicone, EPDM


Working pressure

0 ~ 145psi (0 ~ 10bar)

Supply pressure for air actuator

5 ~ 7bar (70 ~ 102psi)


Working temperature

-20 ~ 350°F (PTFE)

Surface treatment

Inside surface treatment

Ra 16 ~ 32µin (0.4 ~ 0.8µm)

Outside surface treatment



End connections: threaded, BSP / BSTP / NPT, clamp, flange or other upon request.

Pneumatic head

Normally Closed (NC) - Air to open and spring to close;
Normally Open (NO) - Air to close and spring to open;
Air to Air (AA) - Air to open, air to close.

Valve Body Type

Clamped body combination        One-piece valve body


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