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AV-7A Aseptic Sampling Valves


AV-7A stainless steel aseptic sampling valves are used in the food, dairy, brewery, winery and many other hygienic industries.

Materials: AISI-316L
Size: DN8
Diaphragm: Silicone (for standard valve), EPDM (for valve with micro type connector)

Standard Design
Aseptic sampling valve is made from three parts: valve body, valve head and one piece of diaphragm. A rubber diaphragm valve is put at the axis of valve head, acting as an extensible valve core.

  • End connections can be welded, clamped or threaded, only one size DN8 available.
  • Handle type: rotary handle, key handle
  • Valve open: sampling valve close: sterilization

av-7a1                            av-7a2

          Open                                                        Close

Technical Specification
Nominal Pressure:
Max. product pressure: 87psi (6bar)
Max. sterilization temperature: 130°C, dry steam: 121°C (2bar).
Steam must be dry, because condensed water will damage the diaphragm. The diaphragm should be replaced after 100 times samplings or sterilizations.

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