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Introduction of Soft Sealing Plug Valve

by Adamant Valves

Soft sealing plug valves are often used in corrosive, highly toxic, highly hazardous and other harsh environment, including occasions that strictly prohibit leakage, as well as occasions where sanitary valve materials won't pollute the medium. According to the working medium, the materials of the valve body can be carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.

plug valve

1. According to the operating temperature and working medium, PP, PVDF, PO, F46, PE, F4 and other self-lubricating materials can be used. These materials are well lubricated. During the whole process of work, the friction coefficient of the sealing pair is small, the plug body functions flexibly, the service life is long.
2. There are window design and double-track groove sealing ring structure at the inlet and outlet of the valve body. During the rotation process of the plug, the sealing pressure ratio between sealing pairs gradually changes until it reaches the position of fully open or fully closed, where enough sealing pressure ratio is produced and the sealing pair reaches zero leakage.
3. Double-track groove sealing ring can not only make the bushing firmly located in the valve body without displacement, but also absorb the slight deformation of the bushing caused by changes in temperatures. Meanwhile, there are strong frictions between the bushing and the plug, which has the effect of automatic cleaning, improving the service life of the sealing surface.
4. The unique anti-lip sealing design at the top of the plug. The use of the combination of a soft sealing, a metal diaphragm and a regulating gasket can not only adjust the sealing pressure ratio between sealing surfaces, which makes the plug flexibly rotate, but also ensure the sealing at the inlet and outlet and at the middle flange connecting end.

plug valve
5. It’s suitable for highly scouring medium of gas phase and liquid phase, such as PVC, urea, the anhydride and caustic soda production plant. Or, medium that has a high requirement of external leakage, such as HF, phosgene and so on.
6. The medium can flow in both directions, the installation direction is not restricted. Online maintenance can be achieved. It’s more convenient to use.
7. The unique design can prevent static electricity. It’s fireproof and thus is safe to use.

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