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The categories of copper sanitary valves

by Adamant Valves

Copper sanitary valves are very common in factories. They’re also one of the essential materials. What are the common types of copper sanitary valves?
1. Copper sanitary gate valve: The opening and closing member of the gate valve moves along the vertical direction of the axis of the channel. It’s mainly used in the pipeline to cut off medium, i.e. fully open or fully closed.
2. Copper sanitary ball valve: It evolves from the plug valve. Its opening and closing member is a sphere. The sphere revolves around the axis of the valve stem by 90 degrees to open and close.

copper sanitary valve
3. Copper sanitary shut-off valve: The opening and closing member of it moves along the center line of the valve seat. According to this type of movement, the valve seat port change is proportional to the distance of the valve flap.
4. Copper sanitary check valve: It relies on the flow of the medium to automatically open and close the valve flap. It’s used to prevent the backflow of the medium.

copper sanitary valve

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