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The Mechanism of Oxygen Pressure Relief Valve

by Adamant Valves

The high pressure chamber of oxygen pressure relief valve is connected to the steel cylinder. The low pressure chamber is for gas emission and also has access to the system. The indication of the high pressure gauge is the pressure of the stored gas in the steel cylinder. The outlet pressure of the low pressure gauge can be controlled by the regulating screw.

When using sanitary pressure relief valve, open master switch of the steel cylinder first, and then turn clockwise the pressure regulating screw of the low pressure gauge to compress the main spring and drive the film, spring pads and mandrel to open the shutter. This way, the high pressure gas at the inlet, after throttling and decompression, goes from high pressure chamber into low pressure chamber and then through outlet to the work system. Turn the regulating screw to change the height of the shutter, so that the amount of high pressure gas can be regulated and the required pressure value can be achieved.

pressure relief valve

Pressure relief valves are all equipped with safety valves, which are the devices used to protect and ensure the safe use of pressure relief valves. Also, they are signal device when pressure relief valve encounters failure. If the shutter pad or the entire shutter is damaged, causing the outlet pressure to rise on its own and exceed a certain allowed value, the safety valve will automatically open and exhaust.

pressure relief valve

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