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Emerging Trends of Sanitary Valves

by Adamantvalves

A latest market research report on the global sanitary valves market provides an analysis of the most important trends that are expected to influence the market outlook for 2018-2022. Analysts say the global market for sanitary valves will see a CAGR up close 5% during the forecast period. The increasing use of sanitary taps in the food and pharmaceutical industry is a major factor in market growth. The agri-food and pharmaceutical industries must maintain a highly hygienic and hygienic environment, and sanitary valves are an integral part of fluid handling systems in these industries. In addition, strict regulations govern both the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. This will allow end users to adopt high sanitary practices in the production process.

trends of sanitary valves

The report highlights the development of valve positioner technology as one of the major emerging trends in the global sanitary valve market. Valve positioners can provide valve stroke and thrust data, actuator output pressure, temperature, seat wear and valve performance, thanks to advances in sensor technology and at the cost of the sensors. A smart positioner uses a microprocessor to control a valve and facilitate accurate operation. In addition, smart positioners can monitor and log data for online diagnostics. This can help the early detection of any valve wear. Smart positioners offer high accuracy and stability.

This market research report divides the global market for sanitary valves into the following products (control valves, double seat valves, single seat valves and butterfly valves), end-users (pharmaceuticals, processed food products, beverages and dairy products). ) and key regions (Americas, ICCA, and EMEA). The regulating valve segment held the largest market share in 2017, accounting for nearly 30% of the market. The market share of this product is expected to increase by 2022. The fastest-growing product is dual-seat valves, which will account for almost 28% of the total market by 2022. APAC was the largest region in the world. the global market for sanitary valves in 2017, representing a market share of nearly 46%. By 2022, ACPA should continue to dominate the market and record the highest growth rate.

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