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How should the Food Factory choose Sanitary Valves?

by Adamantvalves

The imported sanitary valve is made of stainless steel whose body meets the sanitary standard. Besides that, its polishing degree and cleanliness, as well as the fittings also should meet the sanitary standard. Sanitary valves are mainly used in the plumbing systems of food, beer and beverage industries. We can select different types of sanitary valves according to different requirements.

When the pipelines of food and beverage as well as bio-pharmaceutical need to be observed the flow of medium in the pipeline at any time, it is necessary to choose the imported sanitary through endoscopic;

Sanitary Valves

The import sanitary ball valve and import sanitary diaphragm valve can be selected in a certain position of the pipeline to cut off or adjust the flow rate and switch of the medium, import sanitary butterfly valve. Generally, the most commonly used connection method to prevent contamination from installation insanitary conditions is fast mounting and threaded clamps;

When the remote control is needed in the system pipeline of food, beverage, and biologics, automatic control is needed and pneumatic control is generally adopted, and you can choose imported sanitary pneumatic butterfly valves, sanitary pneumatic ball valves, and sanitary pneumatic diaphragm valves;

When it is necessary to prevent the backflow of beer beverage and biologic pharmaceutical medium, the import sanitary flange check valve, quick loading check valve and thread check valve should be used;

In some food sanitary pipelines, the medium is sometimes required to be exchanged in two direction pipelines, when the imported sanitary tee ball valve is used;

Sometimes the pressure in the sanitary storage tank or pipeline system is unstable, which requires a device to protect the automatic pressure relief when the overpressure is over, and to protect the safety and normal operation of other devices in a timely manner, this is where the imported sanitary safety valve comes in.

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