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Precautions to Take When Using Signal Butterfly Valve

by Adamant Valves

1. Butterfly valve can be installed anywhere in the pipelines in the space.
2. The installation location of the sanitary butterfly valve should ensure the convenience of use, maintenance and replacement.
3. There’s no need to take into consideration the flow direction of pipeline medium when installing the butterfly valve. That is to say two-way flow is allowed.
4. Before installation, butterfly valve should be stored in an indoor dry place and the valve plate should open at 4 to 5 degrees.
5. The following work should be carried out before installing butterfly valve:
(1) Carefully check to see whether the use of the butterfly valve is consistent with its specifications.
(2) Clean the cavity and sealing surface. Do not allow dirty substance to be attached on it. Do not open or close the butterfly plate before cleaning.
(3) Check to see whether the driving device has a reliable connection with the flange on the butterfly valve.

signal butterfly valve
6. When the pipeline clamps, notice whether the connecting force is uniform and reliable.
7. After installation, when the pipeline strength pressure test is under way, the valve plate must be in the position of “open”.
8. After installation, butterfly valve should be periodically checked. the main items of the inspection are as follows:
(1) Whether the valve seat and O-shaped sealing ring are damaged.
(2) The sealing performance of the sealing surface.
(3) After maintenance and assembly, no jamming is allowed to occur when opening or closing or rotating.
(4) After maintenance and assembly, sealing performance test should be carried out.
(5) After each maintenance, document the situation for future reference.

signal butterfly valve

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