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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydraulic Valve

by Adamant Valves

The hydrodynamic device is a kind of actuating device that opens or closes or regulates the valve using hydraulic force. It consists of three main parts: control, power and actuator. The control part is composed of a pressure control valve, a flow control valve, a directional control valve and an electrical control system. The power part is composed of motor or pneumatic motor, hydraulic pump, fuel tank and other components. It converts the effective power on the rotating shaft of electric or pneumatic motor into fluid pressure energy that is hydraulically transmitted. There are two kinds of actuators. One is the hydraulic cylinder actuator, which makes reciprocating linear motion. The other is the hydraulic motor actuator, which makes rotary motion.

hydraulic valve

Hydrodynamic devices have the following advantages and disadvantages:
1. The advantages of hydraulic sanitary valves
1) Simple and compact structure. Small size.
2) Smooth and reliable transmission.
3) Ability to get very large output torque.
4) The output torque can be precisely adjusted by the constant pressure relief valve, including the adjustment of opening and closing torque, which can even be directly reflected by the hydraulic meter.
5) Convenient speed regulation.
6) In the event of a sudden accident and a power outage, we can still use power accumulator to perform one or more operations. This has great significance for long-distance pipeline automatic emergency shut-off valves and discharge valves.

2. The disadvantages of hydraulic sanitary valves
1) The oil temperature is prone to the influence of the temperature of the environment. The change in oil temperature causes the change in oil viscosity, affecting the operation.
2) It’s not convenient to supply pipes. It’s easy to have leakage.
3) It’s not suitable for occasions where there’re all kinds of computations (such as signal amplification, memorization, logical judgment, etc.) for signals.

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