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The Intelligentization of Regulating Valve

by Adamant Valves

Intelligentization is a development trend for regulating valve. Intelligentization includes the self-diagnosis of regulating valve; reducing product types, simplifying the production process. Intelligent valve positioner, generally speaking, is automatic. But when gas signal or electrical signal encounter failures, or when the main components (diaphragm, springs, etc.) of the actuator is damaged, we need to change the automatic operation to manual operation and need to turn the hand wheel to maintain the regulating function of the valve. On the other hand, it can also be used as a stroke limiter for sanitary regulating valve. When the signal pressure is zero, the regulating valve is either fully open or fully closed. If the processing requires a small amount of flow in the regulating valve, hand wheel can be used to achieve the purpose.

sanitary regulating valve

There are top-mounted and side-mounted for a hand wheel mechanism. The top-mounted type can only limit the stroke in one direction. The side-mounted type, according to the requirement of processing, can be mounted in the left or right to achieve the limitation of position.

In short, the manual mechanism can improve the reliability of the operation of regulating valve especially when the regulating valve adds a bypass. When we use regulating valve of large diameter, the use of hand wheel is very cost-effective judging from the investment costs and covered land area. So when the automatic operation is normally completed and the actuator is without failure, we must constantly add oil to prevent rust.

sanitary regulating valve

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