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The model number of centerline butterfly valves

by Adamant Valves

Centerline sanitary butterfly valve is in fact a structure of the sealed center vertical plate, whose butterfly plate and the valve seat 360 degrees circumference are concentric, with two-way sealing function. The following are some of the centerline butterfly valve model:

centerline butterfly valve

Centerline clip-type manual butterfly valves: D71X, D71F3, D71F4, D71F46, D71F / P, D71F
Centerline clip-type worm gear butterfly valve: D371F3, D371F4, D371F46, D371F / P, D371X
Centerline clip-type pneumatic butterfly valve: D671F3, D671F4, D671F46, D671F / P, D671X
Centerline clip-type electric butterfly valve: D971F3, D971F4, D971F / P, D971F46, D971X
Flanged manual centerline butterfly valve: D41X, D41F3, D41F46, D41F / P, D41F
Flanged worm gear transmission centerline butterfly valve: D341X, D341F4, D341F46, D341F / P
Flanged pneumatic centerline butterfly valves: D641X, D641F / P, D641F3, D641F46
Flanged electric centerline butterfly valve: D941X, D941F / P, D941F3, D941F46
Other centerline butterfly valves: D341H, D341W

centerline butterfly valve

These are the common centerline butterfly valve models.

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