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What Are the Benefits of Sanitary Ball Valves?

by Adamantvalves

Sanitary ball valves are among the common sanitary valves on the market. In simple terms, it works with a quarter turn to regulate the water flow. This valve consists of a spherical washer and therefore it is usually called a ball valve. It has a ball-like structure with a hole in the middle. If this hole and both ends of the valve are in the same line, it allows the liquid to flow.

On the contrary, if we do not want the fluid to flow through the valve, the position of the ball at right angles to the passage should be changed. Sanitary ball valves are particularly useful if we want to completely shut off the liquid flow. The shut-off valve in your main line is just one example of this situation. Therefore, these valves are ideal for applications where a completely closed or fully open arrangement is required. However, one should not choose these valves if the application requires a fine adjustment of the water flow.

 a sanitary ball valve

Check valve, gate valve, shut-off valve, vent valve, butterfly valve are some examples of other types of sanitary valves. The important question here is why sanitary ball valves are ideal when there are so many other types of valves to choose from. The answer is that this valve has a number of advantages over others. The life of these valves is longer and they are cheaper due to their simple and strong structure.

Sanitary ball valves work well even under conditions of high pressure, high volume and high temperature. More attractive are operation and maintenance of these devices. Many companies also offer some additional facilities. For example, you can get a ball valve with the ability to check the inadvertent operation of the valve. To get an idea of ​​how the water moves, you can ask for directional signs.

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