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How Does Electric Butterfly Valve Work?

by Adamant Valves

Electric butterfly valve is composed of electric actuator and sanitary butterfly valve. So it has the advantages of easy operation and simple structure. It’s also widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. And because of the help of the electric actuator, the development of butterfly valve reaches a new level. The mechanism of electric butterfly valve: the electric device drives the valve stem, which makes the butterfly plate rotate 90 degrees to achieve the opening and closing of the valve.

electric butterfly valve

The mechanism of electric actuator is actually very simple. Just like the razor we use in our daily lives, the energy source is electric power. Electric power leads to the operation of the valve plate, so as to achieve the goal of opening and closing valves and connecting or shutting-off fluid. The electric actuator of electric butterfly valve can be divided into switch type and regulation type. The switch type electric butterfly valve is to play the role of switching while the regulation type electric butterfly valve is to play the role of regulating flow. The regulation type valve can accurately regulate the flow to one-thousandth degree. It’s also a kind of pricey valve. Valve is a kind of device that is installed in the pipeline. It’s a bit unrealistic to check the state of the switch on field. That’s why feedback signal exists. The regulation type itself has a feedback signal while the switch-type can allow users to decide whether to install the feedback signal.

electric butterfly valve

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