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Six Characteristics of the Ball Valve (2)

by Adamant Valves

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(3) Good sealing. At present, the vast majority of valve seat are made of polytetrafluoroethylene and other flexible materials. Seals composed of metallic and non-metallic materials, often referred to as soft seals. In general, the soft seal of the seal is easy to guarantee, but also on the sealing surface of the machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements are not high.


(4) Long life. Since PTFE has good self-lubricating properties, friction and wear with the sphere is small. And due to the improvement of ball processing technology to reduce the roughness, ball valve life has been extended. It is reported that the United States W-K-M company in the test chamber on the life of the ball valve test, switching over 100,000 times.


(5) High reliability. High reliability of the ball valve is mainly because: ① ball and seat pair of sealing pair will not occur abrasions, rapid wear and tear and other failures. It does not get stuck when working (in the absence of lubricant), it can be reliably applied with corrosive media and low boiling point liquid; ② built-stem structure, eliminating the valve stem under the fluid pressure may be due to packing Gland loose and fly out of the hidden dangers of the accident; ③ anti-static, fire-resistant structure of the ball valve, is suitable for transporting oil, natural gas, gas pipeline.


(6) The valve body has smooth channels. It is more suitable for conveying viscous fluids, slurries and solid particles.

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