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The Effect of Self-acting Regulating Valve

by Adamant Valves

1. The main control parameters of self-acting flow regulating valve are: nominal diameter, flow regulation range, designed nominal pressure, allowed medium temperature range, operating pressure difference range, regulation accuracy and so on. It is a kind of dynamic balance valve.
2. Install the self-acting flow regulating valve in the position of the hydraulic pipe network where the amount of flow is constant. Set up the sanitary regulating valve according to the required amount of flow. When the operating pressure difference before and after the valve changes within the rated range, according to the signal of pressure difference, the valve will automatically change the opening to keep the flow through it stable.

regulating valve
3. In fixed flow system, as well as in some equipment such as boilers, chillers and other units that need to maintain constant flow to ensure safety and improve the efficiency of the equipment, self-acting flow regulating valve should be set up.
4. In occasions where thermostatic valve is not installed or at the inlet of the constant flow loop which the user can not adjust independently, the installation of self-acting flow regulating valve can make the loop run according to the set flow of the valve.
5. For indoor heating whose metering system (constant flow system) is vertical single-tube rolling type, self-acting flow regulating valve should be set up at the thermal inlet.
6. In order to make the valve work in the best area, self-acting flow regulating valve should be selected according to the range of flow and operating pressure difference, rather than be selected according to the pipe diameter.

regulating valve
7. If the actual operating pressure difference of the flow regulating valve is outside the operating pressure difference range of the product, other regulating equipment should be used for initial regulation.
8. Usually there’s no turning off function in the self-acting flow regulating valve, so a shut-off valve should be added.
9. Be careful to prevent impurities in the water from blocking the capillary or diaphragm part of the valve. If necessary, install the water filter before the valve.

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