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The Features of Manual Wafer Type Soft Seal Butterfly Valve

by Adamant Valves

1. Manual wafer type soft seal sanitary butterfly valve uses double eccentric structure, has a reliable sealing performance.
2. The sealing sub-material uses stainless steel and nitrile oil resistant rubber. Long service life.
3. The rubber seal ring can both be placed on valve body and butterfly board. According to different characteristics of the media, users can choose on their own.

wafer soft seal butterfly valve
4. The butterfly board uses the frame structure, which has a high strength, big over-current area, small flow resistance.
5. Overall paint, which can effectively prevent rust. As long as the sealing material of the sealing valve seat is changed, it can be used in different media.
6. It has a two-way sealing function. The installation is not subject to the control of the flow direction of the media. Also, it’s not affected by the location or space, which makes it installable in any direction.
7. Its structure is unique, operation is flexible. Effortless and convenient.

wafer soft seal butterfly valve

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