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The Features and Uses of Stainless Steel Electric Ball Valve

by Adamant Valves

The most prominent features of stainless steel electric ball valve are its compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, suitability for general working media such as water, solvent, acid and natural gas.

This kind of sanitary ball valve is mainly used to cut off or connect the media in the pipeline. It can also be used to regulate and control the fluid. Compared with other kinds of valves, it has the following advantages:
1. The thrust bearings reduce the friction torque of the valve stem, which makes the long-term operation of valves smooth and flexible.
2. Anti-static electricity function: springs are set among sphere, valve stem and valve body, which can export the static electricity produced during the opening and closing process.
3. The fluid resistance is small. The ball valve has the smallest fluid resistance among all valves.
4. Since PTFE and other materials have good self-lubricating capabilities and the ball friction loss is small, the ball valve has a long service life.
5. The valve seat has a good sealing performance. The sealing ring, which is made of PTFE and other elastic materials, is structurally easy to seal. And the sealing capacity of ball valves increases with the increases of pressure of the medium.
6. The sealing of the valve stem is reliable. Since the valve stem only making movement of rotation imitation rather than movement of lifting, the stuffing seal of the valve stem is not susceptible to damage.
7. The lower part of the valve stem and the head of the stem protrude to prevent the stem sticking out. If the fire causes the damage of the valve sealing, the protrusion can still make metal contact with the valve body to ensure the sealing of the valve stem.

electric ball valve

Stainless steel electric ball valve, put in simple words, is a kind of ball valve with electric actuator. With the features and uses of stainless steel electric ball valve becoming even more prominent, people like it as time goes by.

electric ball valve

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