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AV-11BE Brushless Electric Actuator

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  • Actuating Force Motor: 1500 N
  • Nominal voltage: AC/DC 24 V
  • Operating range Y: 2…10 V
  • Stroke: 20 mm
  • Running time motor: 150s / 20mm
  • Ambient temperature: 0…50℃
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Brushless Electric Actuator Description

Conventional operation:

The actuator is connected with a standard modulating signal of 0…10 V and drives to the position defined by the positioning signal. The measuring voltage U serves for the electrical display of the actuator position 0.5…100% and as a slave control signal for other actuators.

Operation on Bus:

The actuator receives its digital positioning signal from the higher-level controller via the MP-Bus and drives to the position defined. Connection U serves as a communication interface and does not supply an analog measuring voltage.

Converter for sensors

Connection option for a sensor (passive or active sensor or switching contact). The MP actuator serves as an analog/digital converter for the transmission of the sensor signal via MP-Bus to the higher-level system.

Parametrisable actuators

The factory settings cover the most common applications. Single parameters can be modified with the Service Tools MFT-P or ZTH EU.

Simple direct mounting

Simple direct mounting on the globe valve by means of form-fit hollow clamping jaws. The actuator can be rotated by 360° on the valve neck.

Manual override

Manual override with push-button possible (the gear is disengaged for as long as the button is pressed or remains locked).

The stroke can be adjusted by using a hexagon socket screw key (4 mm), which is inserted into the top of the actuator. The stroke shaft extends when the key is rotated clockwise.

High functional reliability

The actuator is overload protected, requires no-limit switches, and automatically stops when the end stop is reached.

Combination valve/actuator

Refer to the valve documentation for suitable valves, their permitted fluid temperatures, and closing pressures. Valve actuator, modulating, communicative, AC/DC 24 V, 1500 N

Brushless Electric Actuator Specifications

Electrical data Nominal Voltage AC/DC 24 V
Nominal Voltage frequency 50/60 Hz
Nominal Voltage Range AC 19.2…28.8V / DC 21.6…28.8V
Power Consumption in operation 2W
Power Consumption in rest position 1.5W
Power Consumption for wire sizing 3.5 VA
Connection supply/control Terminals with cable 1 m, 4 x 0.75 mm2
Parallel Operation Yes
Functional Data Actuating force motor 1500N
Communicative control MP-Bus
Operating range Y 2…10V
Input Impedance 100kΩ
Stroke 20mm
Running time motor 150s/20mm
Running time motor variable 90…150s
Sound power level, motor 35dB
Safety Protection class UL UL Class 2 Supply
Enclosure UL Enclosure Type 2
Rated impulse voltage supply/control 0.8kV
Ambient temperature 0…50℃
Storage temperature -40…80℃
Servicing maintenance-free
Weight 1.2kg

Brushless Electric Actuator Applications

  • This device has been designed for use in stationary heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems and must not be used outside the specified field of application, especially in aircraft or in any other airborne means of transport.
  • Outdoor application: only possible in the case that no (sea) water, snow, ice, insolation, or aggressive gases interfere directly with the actuator and that is ensured that the ambient conditions remain at any time within the thresholds according to the datasheet.



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