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AV-13MM Magnetic Mixer

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  • Maximum process efficiency, minimal product loss
  • Optimal flow with higher efficiency and less energy consumption
  • Mixing down to the last drop for maximum yield due to low agitation

and dry-running capability

  • Optimized Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) due to full drain ability
  • Minimized downtime due to ease of maintenance

Standard design

It consists of a detachable drive unit, levitating impeller unit with radial blades, seals, ceramic bearings and magnetic coupling, weld plate and connections. It is available in five sizes, with mixing speeds ranging from 10 rpm up to 800 rpm.

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Magnetic Mixer Description

Magnetic Mixer uses a patented levitating impeller and advanced design to mix down to the last drop and maximize product yield. Compact, energy-efficient and easy to maintain, it provides dry-running capabilities and efficient mixing at low speeds, which ensures gentle product treatment, as well as at high speeds for high-intensity mixing. This provides greater process flexibility to handle a wide range of fluid types and mixing duties. Its open design and low-speed rotation during cleaning contribute to no dead zones, effective residue removal and minimize contamination risks from wear particles. All this contributes to fast return on investment and maximum product yield in tanks ranging in size between 30 litres and 40,000 litres.

Magnetic Mixer Specifications

Technical data

Product Wetted Surface finish: Ra <0.38 µm Mech. polished and Electropolished (Acc. to ASME BPE SF4)
Working pressure: -1 to 7 bar(g)
Impeller diameters:  100, 150, 200, 250 & 300 mm Standard or prepared for speed sensor
Versions: Standard or prepared for speed sensor


Weld Plate:
Size WP50: For impeller size 100 & 150 mm
Size WP81: For impeller size 200, 250 & 300 mm


Physical data

Impeller and Weld plate: AISI316L (UNS S31603), Optionally: EN 1.4529 or EN 2.4602
Drive Rotor, shaft and console/flange AISI304 (UNS S30400)
Gear motor, Painted C2 according to DIN 12944 (NSF/ANSI 51-2009e)
Gear motor, Clean room: Permanent Bond Surface (nsd tupH) – compl. w. FDA Title 21 CFR 175.300
Male Bearing: Zirconia YTZP
Female Bearing: Silicium Carbide (EN 12756)
Seals: FEP/FKM
Gearbox oil USDA H1


During product Mixing, media: Max. 90℃
During product Mixing, media WFI: Max. 90℃
During CIP (max. 50 RPM) Max. 95℃
During SIP (max. 10 RPM) Max. 125℃
During SIP (max. 0 RPM) Max. 150℃

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Magnetic Mixer Applications

Magnetic Mixer offers effective mixing for multiple processes, such as those involving serums, vaccines, plasma fractions, bacteria and cell cultures, and APIs, in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other industries with demanding sterile or high-purity applications.


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