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AV-9A Sanitary Air Relief Valve

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Reference No.: AV-9A
Sizes: 1″-2″, DN25-DN50
Material: 316L
Gasket: EPDM, Silicon, Viton
Ball: PP, PTFE
PSI: 145psi (10Bar) Maximum
Operating temperature: 194°F (maximum)

Sanitary Air Relief Valve Description

AV-9A series Sanitary Air Relief Valve is used to relieve pressure as the fluid level in your tank changes. This budget-friendly tank vent relief valve features both 2″ and 3″ Tri-Clamp connections on the same unit for versatility. Affordable and lightweight construction consisting of a PVC body with a 304 Stainless Steel Dome to help prevent contamination of your product. This pressure relief valve has a maximum flow rate of 500 GPM and is capable of 1 psi vacuum break or pressure relief.

Adamant Valves is your reliable source for Sanitary Air Relief Valve to service the beverage, brewery, or food industries.

Our Air Relief Valve is designed to expel air from the line without losing the liquid. The air relief valve is a reliable, automatic air–relief valve that is installed vertically on the top of a pipeline or container or before the inlet of removal of a pump, where the releasing air is required.

Sanitary Air Relief Valve Applications

Ex.1 Air cavity is formed due to the installation of the pipeline, and thus need to release air. In this case, the valve is installed at the top of the pipe.

Ex.2 Discharge air at the inside of the pipeline of the pump. When the pump is opened will be automatically discharged and forming a vacuum. In order to avoid the air mixed with products and the appearance of cavitation. In this case, the valve is installed in front of the pump, on the top of the inlet pipe.

Working principle: Air relief valve is a double-seat valve with a freely movable plastic ball. The ball, which is lighter than water, according to the conditions of pressure to close the upper or lower valve seat.

Sanitary Air Relief Valve Features

Reference No.  AV-9A
Sizes 1″-2″, DN25-DN50
Material 316L
Gasket EPDM, Silicon, Viton
PSI 145psi (10Bar) Maximum
Operating temperature 194°F (maximum)

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