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AV-1PWB Pneumatic 3-WAY Butterfly Valves

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Size: 1”-4”, DN25-DN100

Material: 304/1.4301, 316L/1.4404, ASME BPE 316L 1.4435 NB2 Fe≤0.5%

Pressure: Vacuum to 10 bar (1.0MPa)

Temperature: EPDM -20℃ to +130℃, Depending on the seal material


Connection standard: DLN SMS ISO IDF RJT BS4825 ASME BPE 3A DIN11864 DIN 11853

Connection method: thread, clamp, welding, flange

Drive mode: manual, pneumatic, electric

Finish: Ra≤0.8 μm; MP=Ra≤0.3 μm; EP=Ra≤0.3 μm

Certification: FDA 177.2600; 3A-18-03; Glass II USP Glass VI Chapter 88; GB4806.11; EG VO/1935-2004; PED/97/23/EC

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Pneumatic 3-WAY Butterfly Valves Description

Synchronous three-way butterfly valve:

One drive device can realize L-type and T-type three-way applications, opening and closing synchronization, low torque, long life, no retention, no dead angles, very flexible function combination, and it is efficient, economical, and simple.

Asynchronous three-way butterfly valve:

Multiple drive devices, each drive independently and freely control the valve.

Pneumatic 3-WAY Butterfly Valves Specifications

Operating torque(N·M) 25-1” 40-1 50-2” 65 3” 80 100-4” 125 150
3 4 5 10 12 14 18 25 40 55

Pneumatic 3-WAY Butterfly Valves Applications

Pneumatic 3-WAY Butterfly Valve is suitable for pure pipelines such as food, beverage, medicine, chemical industry and pipelines for industrial environmental protection, water treatment, high-rise buildings, water supply, and drainage.

Synchronous 3-WAY Butterfly Valves

1. Manual three-way butterfly valve

2. Pneumatic three-way butterfly valve

3. Pneumatic three-way butterfly valve+feedback device

4. Pneumatic three-way butterfly valve+controller

5. Pneumatic three-way butterfly valve+valve positioner

3 way butterfly valve

Working diagram of three-way butterfly valve

three way butterfly valve

Asynchronous three-way butterfly valve

Manual Asynchronous three-way butterfly valve

Manual Asynchronous three way butterfly valve

Pneumatic Asynchronous three-way butterfly valve

Pneumatic Asynchronous three way butterfly valve

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