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AV-24S Sanitary Solenoid Operated Valves

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Material: Stainless steel, Alum

Max. Pressure & Nom. Flow: 240 bar – 55 lpm

Operating Temp.: -40 to 120℃

Filtration: ISO 18/16/13

Special characteristics:

  • Hardened parts for longer life
  • Efficient wet-armature construction
  • Cartridges are voltage interchangeable
  • Manual Override options
  • Industry common cavity
  • Unitised, molded coil design
  • Continuous duty rated solenoid
  • Optional Coil Voltages and terminations
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Sanitary Solenoid Operated Valves Description

Solenoid Operated Valves are solenoid-operated 2-way closed poppet valve, which is used to lock a load in position. When energized the poppet opens and releases the load from 1 to 2. De-energized the valve allows free flow from 2 to 1.

solenoid operated valves

In the energized position it should be noted that 2 to 1 flow is restricted to only a pilot flow rate If the free flow is required in both directions when energized, another valve type should be used. Please contact us.

This valve can also be used as a directional valve.

Energisation Chart

energisation chart

Manual override options are available.

Sanitary Solenoid Operated Valves Specifications

Nom. Flow (lpm) 55
Max. Pressure (bar) 240
Internal Leakage (32 cSt) 0 to 0.25 cc/min at 240 bar
Hydraulic oil General purpose hydraulic fluid
Filtration ISO 18/16/13
Operating Temp. -40 to 120℃
Voltage DC/AC
Cartridge Torque 41 Nm
Coil Nut Torque 5 to 8 Nm
Spare Seal Kit (Viton) SK-DDEVHA
Weight – Cartridge only 0.12 kg
Weight – Cartridge + Coil + Body 0.68 kg (alum), 1.10 kg (steel)

Dimensions [mm]






Sanitary Solenoid Operated Valves Applications

Solenoid Operated Valve is used as a directional valve.

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