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AV-9PC Sanitary Pressure Control Valves

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Material: Stainless steel or Alum

Max. Pressure & Nom. Flow: Up to 240 bar – 45 lpm

Operating Temp. : -40 to 120 ℃

Filtration: ISO 18/16/13

Special characteristics:

  • Hardened parts for long life
  • Industry common cavity
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Sanitary Pressure Control Valves Description

Pressure Control Valve is a direct-acting poppet type relief valve, typically used to provide relief protection in low and fixed flow circuits. It is fast-acting and dirt tolerant with good hysteresis characteristics and is ideal for service line protection.


The D-DERCA blocks flow from (2) to (1) until sufficient pressure is present at (2) to force the poppet to open and allow metered flow from (2) to (1).

The cartridge offers a smooth transition in response to load changes in common hydraulic circuits.


Sanitary Pressure Control Valves Specifications

Nom. Flow (lpm) 45
Max. Pressure (bar) 240
Hydraulic oil General purpose hydraulic fluid
Viscosity Range 3 to 640 cSt
Filtration ISO 18/16/13
Operating Temp. -40 to 120℃
Cartridge Torque 41 Nm
Spare Seal Kit (Viton) SK-DDEVHA
Weight – Cartridge only 0.17 kg
Weight – Cartridge + Coil + Body 0.40 kg (alum), 0.82 kg (steel)

Dimensions [mm]





Sanitary Pressure Control Valves Applications

Pressure Control Valve is typically used to provide relief protection in low and fixed-flow circuits.

Sanitary Pressure Control Valve applications are:
Food & Beverage
Brewing, Wine & Spirits Making
Sterilizing Equipment
Fragrance & Cosmetics

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