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AV-25MT Multiport Threaded Diverting Valves

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Valve Type: Plug

Seal Material: Fluoroelastomer Rubber

For Use With: Air, Argon, Helium, Krypton, Neon, Oil, Water, Xenon

Max. Pressure: 250 psi @ 70 ℉

Temp. Range: -60 to 400 ℉

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Multiport Threaded Diverting Valves Description

Divert the flow of compressed air and other media to multiple pieces of equipment. Turn the handle to direct flow to multiple outlet ports. Valves cannot shut off flow.

flow options

Valves with Double L-pattern flow have two separate flow paths.

flow options

Valves with T-pattern flow direct flow from the inlet port to two of the three outlet ports at reduced capacity.

Multiport Threaded Diverting Valves Specifications

Pipe Size Max. Pressure Temp. Range, End-to-End Lg.
NPT Female × NPT Female × NPT Female × NPT Female
1/4 250 psi @ 70℉ -60 to 400 1 7/8”

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