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AV-21TB Threaded Brass Globe Valve

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Materials: brass/bronze

Size: DN15-DN50

Max Temp. : -20℃-120℃

Set Pressure: 1.6MPa

Applicable Medium: water, non-corrosive medium

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Threaded Brass Globe Valve Description

Threaded Brass Globe Valve is a flow regulating part in the pipeline system that pushes the valve disc to move vertically along the centerline of the valve seat through the rotation of the handwheel. During working hours, the friction between the disc and the sealing surface of the valve body is small, the opening and closing torque are small, and it is wear-resistant. The opening height is generally 1/4 of the diameter of the valve seat. There is only one sealing surface for easy maintenance, and the medium flows in one direction.

Threaded Brass Globe Valve Specification

threaded brass globe valve

15 45 11 65 54
20 51 11 71 60
25 64 15 82 72
32 75 16 95 80
40 82 17 109 100
50 100 19 122 110

Threaded Brass Globe Valve Applications

Threaded Brass Globe Valve is widely used in central air conditioning and HVAC systems.

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